Although we are well, our situation during the lockdown is becoming critical. No need to rehash the impact of COVID 19, I am sure all of humanity has been affected by the pandemic. The reality is that all of us are facing similar financial hardship & a very uncertain future.

YOU are the party & your vibe, energy, trust & devotion, has been our biggest motivation to do what we do. Right now Vortex needs your help & support, something we have always relied on in the past, and we hope, into the future. Together, we have created unforgettable memories and shared inspiring moments on the dance floor and believe together we will overcome this crisis.

Vortex has always run as a non-profit organization, “By the community for the community”. We sincerely believe that the money YOU spend to attend is the Trance Families, not ours & is given to us in YOUR trust to create a place to gather & express our love for Trance.

We have without fail put any profit back into improving the production and venue facilities where we hold our festivals. Our policy has never been about growing numbers, but always about quality versus quantity by allowing an organic growth of like-minded people.

We believe implicitly that in some way or form, we will dance again & will continue to work on our new Festival home in Stormsvlei, The Circle Of Life. As many of you may know, we moved here last year to be able to develop the festival site hands-on. This is the most amazing venue we have ever found & we intend to pour all our heart, soul & experience into it.

The majestic, giant trees on the Circle Dancefloor are just mind-blowing & to be on an island with rivers flowing in a complete circle around you is truly special and strikes a feeling within you that is carried home with you when you leave. The development of the Festival site into a comfortable and stimulating psychedelic playground is our number one priority. We are continuing to work as if we will be allowed to dance again at any minute in anticipation of having you all back.

You can help Vortex simply by buying a ticket to Vortex Open Source 2021 ( )or, if you are able, you can donate to our Crowd Fund that we have set up. All funds we receive will go into the development of our new festival home in anticipation of seeing you all again. Ticket sales are our only source of year-round production funding & are without fail put into the production of the festival.

The festivals generate a modest payroll for 4 full-time employees. We start work on the next festival on the very day we close the gates of the last. With no Festivals possible presently we are in a position where we can no longer cover basic production & running expenses. We have made the promotion of Trance our lives & without your help, may well be the end of our loyal service to the Psychedelic Trance Community.

In Love, Light, Faith & Trust

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