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“Our dream is to make sure every child knows they have the potential to be great and they deserve a chance at a healthy and better life, and we will try our best to make that happen. 


Little Brinks was started in 2008 when we saw how many children were going without food and proper clothing while visiting the social services organisation Badisa in Elsies River.


“We were shocked to see most grannies there were waiting for food for their grandchildren who were left with them. We decided to hold a Christmas party where 100 children could come and get a present and meal. The following year, we had 150 children and the following 175 children, and now we are on 250 children,” 


Little Brinks also feeds 250 school children a day during the school term as well as 27 families.

We have a matric dance room where any child can borrow dresses or suits we have collected for their dance so their families don't have to borrow money to buy an outfit for the eve that most can't afford. Started a project through bosasa trying to rehabilitate teens who have grown up only knowing crime and hate through sport and tlc as well as giving them hope and encouraging them to actually have dreams so they don't continue the cycle of gangsterism and drugs while locked up. We also feed four pensioners from an old age home, as well as run a safe house and help with 9 soccer teams, and a few soup kitchens all over. 

We have been given an opportunity to buy the safe house as the owner has to sell the farm, we are renting now however we would never be given a bond nor afford one so we are desperately looking for donations to help us keep our kids safe as well as our animals who have been rescued and found their happily ever after too

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