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Hi my name is Chelsea and I am 15 years old. I asked my mom if I can make my own page so that I can see how many donations I can get in.

I would love to be able to buy my family a home so we can continue fostering and being a place of saftey for children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected, and I’ve seen one that all my foster siblings would fit into and be safe as well as all our rescued animals.

We all have issues from being born addicted to drugs and alcohol but then we came to live with my parents and now are safe and loved. Space and noise are normally an issue in normal areas plus my mom says houses are just too expensive but I found one with my brothers and sister and we love it. We just need to find the money and if we all just gave a little here and there like I am then imagine how quick we would be moving? 

My family is huge and grows daily with the amount of babies and children needing a safe place or just recover !

My parents, Danny and Kath, are married and have adopted 7 kids, yup .... then we have up to 10 other kids come for weekends when they are sick, their families are sick or they are forgotten or they are hurt OR end up staying for YEARS !!!! I don’t like it when they hurt because it makes me feel like I am very lucky but sad for them, but know we can make them happier and I have seen it over and over how kids leave here with a happy heart.

This new home would mean my parents would not need to be stressing about rent every month or fixing something because our home now is my mom's project, she built it but it needs LOTS of work and we never have the money to finish but we have love, determination but lack time and finances to be able to do it all on rented property especilly with Eskom and loadshedding which REALLY makes life difficult when special needs babies need suction, nebulisers or other medical treatment in the dark.

Should the target not be met, we will place the money received into a high interest rate account that the Little Brinks npo 176-343 will keep until we can meet the amount needed for the property that we can rent, that can house the kids, but we will NOT give up on this dream as it isnt for our family but for the kids needing to be shown they do NOT have to follow in their families footsteps, and drugs, crime and no education is NOT right, but dreaming BIG, living and having goals is what we can give them and we will !!!

THANK YOU for your love and support

love NOT only me, Chelsea but ALL us Brinks x

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