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The Covid pandemic has seen millions of people loosing their jobs. As a result many cannot afford to continue paying for their children's education, many dont have the fees to apply for varsity and many more living in heavily impoverished slums and dehumanizing states cannot even afford to buy sanitary towel. This is heart breaking.

I am a student at the university of Witwatersrand, I have been fortunate enough to help a few people with sanitary towels and applications fees. But with your help I hope to:

1. Buy 1000 sanitary towels and supply to those who cannot afford.

2. Get enough to pay 30 final year student fees who hold academic exclusion letters with only a year left

3. Pay for as many applications fees as possible

Education is the solution to sustainable development and in the long run improving QUALITY of life.

I hope you help me sew into peoples futures.

Kind regards

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