OOOTH plays it forward - Tattooers Unite SA & #FeedOurCrew Fundraiser


OOOTH plays it forward - Tattooers Unite SA & #FeedOurCrew Fundraiser

JASON OOSTHUIZEN well-known South African Drummer for bands like Van Coke Kartel, The Narrow and frontman for OOOTH, has decided to use this lockdown time to PLAY IT FORWARD and give back to the TATTOO ARTISTS of South Africa.

Just like the musicians, TATTOO ARTISTS are struggling through this time not being able to work and generate an income. Throughout Jason's career he has made many friends in the TATTOO INDUSTRY who sponsored him with so many tattoos, that Jason decided it was time to give back in the form of a FACEBOOK LIVE & YOUTUBE performance and raise awareness through SOCIAL MEDIA.

The show will feature 4 of the top tattoo artists in Gauteng as well as a mystery online guest in an Interview and Q&A session followed by a live performance by rock band, OOOTH.

Questions to the artists can be sent in prior to the event as well as during the event and donations raising funds for the supporting causes (TATTOOERS UNITE SA, SOS Charity Fund and #FeedOurCrew) are welcomed before and during the show.

This unique experience will be hosted LIVE from the MGG Stream Studio and we would like to give a special thanks to MGG Productions & DWR Distribution for all their assistance.

Since lockdown, many industries have been left unable to trade, including musicians, theatre and entertainment technicians as well as minimum 380 tattoo artists. “We want to encourage people to donate any amount they can afford,” said Jason. “Tattoo artists and technicians are in a tough situation right now and we want to do our bit to help.”

Date: 19 JUNE 2020


Time: 19:30


This event is free, however we would like to encourage donations of any amount towards the fundraiser leading up to and during the performance.

Proceeds will go towards the Tattooers Unite SA Foundation, SOS Charity Fund, #FeedOurCrew as well production costs. 


 Invite your friends and family, wherever they are to join and please remember to donate and let us know if you have a question for the artists before or during the show.






Tattooers Unite SA is a group of tattoo artists and tattoo studio owners who are united in their love of tattooing and concerned for their future. They have a common goal: To help where they can and try to raise money to support their artists and assist professional studios affected by Hard lockdowns during COVID-19. 


DWR Distribution, MGG Productions, SOS Charity Fund and #FeedOurCrew



DWR supplies equipment to theatres, rental companies, schools, restaurants, places of worship entertainment and the architectural market. From lighting to audio, LED screens, trussing, theatre manufacturing and cabling, our team is focused on service and support, and we regularly host training at our premises in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.  

DWR Distribution is assisting in various aspects and in return their aim is to raise awareness for the DWR SOS Charity Fund and #FeedOurCrew as well as donate their full percentage of donations received to this initiative.

MGG is one of South Africa’s largest and leading suppliers of technical services and equipment – a position we hold because we embody everything our industry demands.  MGG also wanted to highlight the plight of hundreds of freelancers in their industry, many of whom are reliant on food vouchers provided by #feedourcrew.

The SOS Charity Fund, which forms part of DWR Distribution is a charity organization aimed at freelancers in the entertainment and theatre industry and was created in December 2017. The SOS aims to lend a helping hand, on a merit basis and assists with deeds like providing grocery hampers, helping with medical bills, funeral costs and helping with finances for motivational youth projects or as the need arises.

#FeedOurCrew is an initiative supported by DWR & MGG to raise funds for Freelance Technical  Crew that are suffering severely during this time. #FeedOurCrew's objective is to provide temporary support, through food vouchers. They want to assist those members of teams that contribute tirelessly towards creating memorable events who now need help.





JASON OOSTHUIZEN is a renowned South African drummer and musician. He is largely known for being a member of locally celebrated bands, Van Coke Cartel and Lost&Found, and in 2018 also as frontman for OOOTH. He started playing drums in 1991 at the age of four, and since then has gone on to play in some of the best bands to come out of South Africa.

In September 2018, Jason Oosthuizen, decided to broaden his musical horizons to singer/songwriter position as frontman of OOOTH. JASON has written, recorded and produced most aspects of this passion project himself. Oooth has since released a full album, Live DVD and several singles and music Videos. JASON has also expanded on the brand releasing Oooth Clothing, Oooth Coffee, Oooth Entertainment ( comprising of his 5 Tribute bands and 2 cover bands) and soon to release OOOTH WINE.


For more details, contact the OOOTH ENTERTAINMENT Team

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