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Since we can remember happiness and well-being have been the core issues faced by humanity. The Beat Depression Organization was created and developed with the basic understanding that, both the root of suffering as well as happiness lie within us; and with some constructive interventions we can all gradually progress towards the happiness state of mind through inner discipline, control and peace of mind.

Beat Depression provides a platform that ensures tools for individuals and communities; and encourages self-evaluation processes such as:

·        to build healthy relationships with families

·        to provide support and improve mental health

·        to grow community development and improve on social skills

By providing foundational life skills, we aim to help mitigate negative social and suicidal impacts. We aim to help everyone in need to a point of whereby creating a chain of events allowing individuals and communities opportunities to step in and be supported by the platform created.

Facilitating programs that aim to break cycles of substance abuse, physical, emotional, mental abuse, and the worst of it all suicide caused by depression through networking and linking with public and private sectors in order to unlock mental health solutions, improve access to professional help and services at decent institutions. And further more create a learning environment for people to improve their lives.

Encouraging and providing means for individuals to connect with – self, family, friends, and colleagues around the world, with a view to improving lives by promoting growth, happiness and success. Connect to attract mutual beneficial relationships supporting each other to grow with a commitment to personal growth, developing individuals and teams. Creating a network of trusted experts in a particular field prepared to pass knowledge onto others and refer each other while expanding reach and growing personally.

Developing a culture of helping others through “community spirit”, sharing resources, knowledge, skills and enabling access to relevant information; initiating projects which will benefit communities and individuals by providing support, opportunities and life skills development utilising the organization will provide self-growth and community service. By investing in yourself, you invest in others.

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