Medieval Fayre 2022: There & Back Again

Sat Jun 4, 10:00 - Sat Jun 4, 17:00
La Vue Lodge

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“Far over misty mountains cold To dungeons deep and caverns old

We must away, ere break of day, To find our long-forgotten gold.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

Somewhere between the Shire and Isengard, on the road to Mordor we find a magical place where Hobbits and Orcs, Ents and Elves all live in harmony. Where tradesman and crafters, warriors and wizards and dragons and dwarves can be found wandering freely.

Experience battles, beards, stocks, swords, archery, meat and ale. The middle earth market will trade all day!

Wander through Rivendell village, purchase wares, fill your bellies, dance and get merry on mead.


- Ye Olde Tavern Quiz with Lady Dayle (DoubleD) Robyn (world famous throughout the West Rand)

- Eoin's Tankard Mead & White Dog Taproom Ale

- Fight-A-Knight with the JuggerKnights

- Weapons forging displays and Axe Throw with CrossForge

- Archery & Mounted Archery

- Fancydress Contest

- The Fellowship Quest

- The Dahogrian Empire Battles

- Themed produce, crafts and wares in the market

- See your favourite LOTR characters brought to life

… and more!


Hobbits are also known as 'halflings' on account of their short stature.

• Adult Hobbit Tickets: R100 online only

• Child Hobbit Ticket (under 12) R40.00 online only

ISTARI TICKET: R450 online only

The Wizards of Middle Earth.

Included in the ticket price -

a skull glass to toast victory over your enemies; mead, ale, turkey leg and activity vouchers as well as a map of the venue and a timetable

There are only 100 of these tickets available!


Known as The FirstBorn, the Elves of Middle Earth are immortal and powerful.

Included in the ticket price -

a fast pass to get you to the head of any queue, a skull mug to toast victory over your enemies; mead, ale, turkey leg and activity vouchers; a map of the venue and a timetable, as well as overnight accommodation at the venue and Sunday breakfast.

There are only 8 of these tickets available!


A halfling celebrating his or her birthday was called a byrding.

Included in the ticket price -

a party experience for 8 kids under 12, plus 2 supervising adults, with a fast pass to get each one to the head of any queue, activity vouchers for battles, archery, unicorn rides and more;cupcakes; turkey legs and drink; and free parking for the drivers.

There are only only 2 of these tickets available!


Included in the ticket price -

a party experience for 8 adults, with a fast pass to get each one to the head of any queue; skull glasses to toast victory over your enemies from; activity vouchers for battles and archery;cupcakes; turkey legs, mead and ale; and free parking for the drivers.

There are only only 2 of these tickets available!

Map to Venue:

• ON THE DAY: (only Orc Tickets will be on sale at the gate)

Adult Orcs - R120

Child Orcs (under 12) - R50

Tiny Orcs (under 3) - FREE

• PARKING: R20 per vehicle

• Socialised pets (even dragons) on leashes welcome!

email [email protected] for more info!

Banquet Menu

Published at: 6-02-2020 17:12

The banquet will run between 12 noon and 2pm in the Banquet Hall. 

When you arrive, show your Banquet Tickets at Ye Olde Info Boothe to collect your Banquet Voucher - and hand that in at the hall for a seat at the ongoing banquet! 



Thick Pottage: Slow cooked beef pottage with vegetables and a side of home made bread


  • Pork belly, low and slow with crispy crackled fat.
  • Chicken leg quarter,
  • Accompanied by roasted potatoes, carrots,mushrooms and marrows
  • Drenched in hearty gravy
  • VEGETARIAN OPTION: Black mushrooms and roasted seasonal vegetables


Medieval apple roses

A Murder in Mordor!

Published at: 6-02-2020 17:14

Is there an age restriction to those who would like to attend?
We suggest a minimum age of 13 years.  Children under this age may participate as long as a parent is present and participating as well.

How many people can attend?
Games are designed for 10 - 12 players.

What happens after my ticket purchase?
You will be sent a reservation notification and you will be requested to share the following information:

  • Guest name and surname
  • Mobile numbers (to send any event notifications)
  • Email addresses (to send individual character descriptions and further information)
Please indicate the gender of each guest so that we assign the correct character description to each one of your guests, unless you don’t really mind playing a man or a woman!
We will send each guest their TOP SECRET character description.  (This will be done after the RSVP deadline one week before the event)

Do I have to dress up?
Dressing up is not a must but it is strongly advised to help you get into the mood of the game.  Dressing up will also help your fellow players identify and remember your character more clearly and it adds to the fun and laughter.

What happens at the murder mystery game?
Each guest will receive a mystery booklet which will be guide all suspects through a set of clues  - no need to print your character descriptions.

Do I have to have acting experience to play along?
Not at all!  Your interpretation of the character is completely up to you.  It is more important that you participate; if you can act it will be an added bonus to your guest’s entertainment.

What if I can't make it on the day?
Once you have reserved your seats our cancellation and character replacement policy applies. In a nutshell: if you or one of your friends cannot make it anymore, to ensure that your game is complete you or your friend should find a substitute. If you cannot find one your game will have to go on with a missing character and our host will fill in the gaps to the best of their ability.

  • A minimum booking of 2 guests is needed is needed for the game to go ahead.

Additional information

Refund policy No refunds


Medieval Fayre 2022: There & Back Again
La Vue Lodge
Nietgedacht 535-Jq, 1739, South Africa
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