Support Fund for Tinarwo Chakurira - Victim of the fatal head on collision after AfrikaBurn 2017

Fri Nov 1, 09:00 - Fri Jul 3, 09:00


UPDATE: It’s been two and a half years since Tinarwo Chakurira lost his life in the tragic accident on the R355. 

Unfortunately, the South African Road Accident Fund is still fighting the claim. 

Tinarwo's widow, Clara, and his little girl, Ruvarashe are doing OK - but we can help carry them through while the claim remains unresolved.

If you feel moved to do so, please give what feels right.


On Monday 1 May a burner leaving Tankwa Town impacted head-on with an oncoming vehicle. The passenger of that vehicle, a young man by the name of Tinarwo Chakurira, was killed instantly. His friend Ainord Mwanakwaye, who was driving the vehicle, was critically injured, as were the driver and passengers in the other vehicle.

Tinarwo and Ainord were not at AfrikaBurn, yet their lives have been irrevocably impacted by AfrikaBurn.

Our hearts go out to them and their families and we call on our community to show them the care and generosity of the burner spirit by making a donation to this fund. 

All money raised will go towards Tinarwo's repatriation and to his family, and to support Ainord's recovery.

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