AfrikaBurn is the spectacular result of the creative expression of participants who gather once a year in the Tankwa Karoo to create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance.


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- Henry
"fun faking tastic guys!!!"
- Nope, 5th
"Best Burn ever for us. Awesome people had a lot to do with it, both crew and neighbours (Luna). We have decided to do a collab going forward, so our theme camp has just doubled in size :) Positives: We were really lucky to be placed where we were and loved our site, so thank you to whoever placed us there (site 58). Toilets were well cared for and mostly clean (thanks to the volunteers). We got lucky with the weather. Artworks were beautiful and the amount of time, trouble and love poured in was palpable. Additional comments: The tent supplier situation makes it a lot more work for everyone and only allowing tent suppliers back on Monday makes it difficult for those of us needing to get back to default for work. Only allowing access from Monday at 9am means a late start and later departure, as everyone is trying to get their tents done. It would be awesome to allow access from the Sunday for camps with their own equipment, as larger stretchies are really heavy to pack (and pegs impossible to remove without a popper). For hired tents this is different, as camps can just leave the supplier to remove, but don't hire, as we own the kit and only use the company to help with pegs (even though we pay, we still help with both erection and breakdown). Sound was a lot better having the camps in the one area, but it is still a one upmanship competiton between the big guys as to who has the loudest sound and most bass (sound quality was a crazy jumble on the playa and not great due to this). The smaller rigs had much better sound quality and music could be heard. I know that this is not an AB problem There is sadly no way of getting away from it (sound rape) and perhaps either have an alternate night or alternate Burn where big sound plays, the other for smaller rigs and live music."
- Anonymous
"Incredible to be back after 3 years! Quaggafontein has a spectacular setting-what a surprize when you come over the hill of Honk if you are horny.The smaller event size was just perfect-makes for a much more personal&intimate experience.The people were all so genuine and just full of love. I just always saw happy people where ever we were.The burns were beautiful especially the Temple silent burn on Sunday night. What an incredible week! Ps: Also a huge thank you to the Throne team for their daily servicing to keep the loos spotless."
- Tanya
"There’s nothing like AfrikaBurn, it’s purely magical"
- Anonymous

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