Crimson House Live in Knysna

Sun Oct 20, 15:00 - Sun Oct 20, 19:00
Blend Country Restaurant & Pub


Crimson House is multi genre gypsy rock band that combine a number of styles including ska,  Afro blues, hip hop, blues & rock. Originally based from Cape town, South Africa. Crimson House have become a festival & club favorite with their high energy interactive live performances becoming that of legends. They formed in 2010 and have since released 4 studio albums, with a collection of chart hitting tracks along the way. ---- as seen at The Knysna Blues Festival!!!! ----

NOTE: Gates now opening at 11h45 to accommodate ticketholders who wish to watch the Rugby World Cup game against Japan (12h15)


Early career: Crimson House initially begun as a bluegrass duo and by 2012 as a high octane blues quartet The  group toured as "Crimson House Blues" and had released two albums under the name, "Smoke Dust & Whisky" (2012) featuring the cult hit “Breaking down low”, and “Red Shack Rock” (2013) featuring “Aphrodite” & “Pindrop Circle”. They dropped the “blues” in their name and released “Come Alive” (2015) which featured 16 songs with the addition of Nick Becker & Gareth Harvey as the newly added horn section that would change their sound forever.


After 2015 The group then featured as the band in a cabaret circus called “Trash Cabaret” in which they adopted a new found love for gypsy music to the likes of Gorgol Bordello and Balkan Beat Box. This new found love of offbeat gypsy influence lead the group to establish a new direction in their music and thus has begun the new journey in the making of Bounceology, their 4th Studio album.

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Crimson House Live in Knysna
Blend Country Restaurant & Pub
George Rex Dr, Knysna, 6571, South Africa
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