Buy A Bed

Thu Jun 27, 11:10 - Thu Jun 13, 13:15

Event is online


For just R75 you can ensure a homeless person receives services at one of our shelters around the Western Cape for 5 nights.

We started the “Buy a bed” campaign to make The Haven Shelters more accessible for people living on the streets. Most homeless people know that they have to pay shelter fees starting from R15 per night. These shelter fees are not a goal itself but more that homeless adults learn to take responsibility again. Sometimes homeless people use that as an excuse not to come to the shelter. With the “Buy a bed” campaign we encourage the community to cover their shelter fees for the first 5 nights and help us to be a sustainable organisation. The campaign is especially for a homeless person with no income. It is not for a specific person it goes into a pool fund which we distribute to shelters. If you want to buy a voucher for a specific person please purchase our Haven Passports, also available on Quicket. We have more than 2000 new clients per year. So your help is highly appreciated.