An Introduction to data warehousing with Steve Simon

Fri Aug 31, 08:30 - Fri Aug 31, 17:00
Microsoft SA Bryanston office


We live in a complex world where we accumulate more and more data with each passing year. We tend to normalize our data within our OLTP relational databases and oft times this proves problematic with regards to extract times for reporting purposes.
Properly defined and constructed data warehouses can level the playing field and enable us to provide the end user with more information within a timely manner. 
This “hands on” pre-conference session will be concentrating on how to construct efficient and effective data warehouses, with the emphasis being placed upon proper design and being able to produce the reports so necessary to the success of the corporate enterprise.
 Topics will include
  • Why do we need a warehouse?
  • Points to consider before embarking on warehouse construction.
  • Case history from a recent practical implementation and the gotcha’s encountered.
  • Gathering requirements (business side, existing documentation).
  • Types of warehouse design (Star - Snowflake).
  • Legacy Data? Existing Data?
  • Creation of effective functional and technical specification.
  • Why are data relationships critical to the warehouse design and functionality?
  • Planning and modeling
  • Multidimensional vs. Tabular warehousing
  • Construction of relationship diagrams and usage of Entity/Relationship tools (e.g.Erwin)
  • Creating effective dimensions
  • Creating effective fact tables
  • The need to denormalize our data.
  • Measures / Dimensions (Keys, qualitative fields)
  • Fact tables (keys, quantitative fields)
  • Query / Stored procedure efficiencies against the warehouse, a barometer!
  • SSRS Report efficiencies.
  • Gotcha’s
All the techniques that we shall be working through have been utilized on a recent major North American project in 2017/2018. As always, rest assured that you will leave this session with more questions than answers!  


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An Introduction to data warehousing with Steve Simon
Microsoft SA Bryanston office
3012 William Nicol Dr, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191, South Africa
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