Protect your data – Security in SQL Server with Uwe Ricken

Fri Aug 31, 08:00 - Fri Aug 31, 17:00
Microsoft SA Bryanston office


"In which newspaper can you read that a woman throws her husband out of the apartment?
In "Better Homes and Gardens". What this sentence certainly must do in Microsoft SQL Server can be found in this one-day workshop on the individual security components of Microsoft SQL Server.
Starting with the correct security settings for the service account of Microsoft SQL Server, the same goes on in the staircase of the databases. What rights should you give to a login without endangering the security of the system or securing the data.
Once arrived in the "honourable tenement", one would of course like the nice rented apartment. But stop! - What am I allowed to do in my apartment? A lawyer is no longer required after attending the workshop. In this workshop, the following topics will be taught with examples and exercises:
·         Proper configuration of the service account of Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Agent
·         TDE and encrypted backup
·         The special features of sysadmin
·         Danger and Beauty from "xp_cmdshell"
·         Minimal Rights principal when creating logins
·         Database permissions and their consequences
·         Use of certificates for the execution of stored procedures
·         Schemes and objects
·         Owners of objects and access via stored procedures / views / functions
·         EXECUTE AS

All security aspects of Microsoft SQL Server are covered in detail in this workshop and will be tested on your own laptops with extensive demos and exercises themselves.

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Protect your data – Security in SQL Server with Uwe Ricken
Microsoft SA Bryanston office
3012 William Nicol Dr, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191, South Africa
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