The Medieval Fayre

Sat Sep 1, 11:00 - Sat Sep 1, 20:00
La Vue Lodge


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#Medieval2018, Saturday 1 September at La Vue Lodge in Muldersdrift, 11am - 8pm

Perchance the Middle Ages, Perchance a Magical Fayre... Kings, queens, knights and the dragon's lair
We invite all ye fine people to come and share A day of all things feudal in the open air.
A little mystery, a little madness and a day of magic - Missing out on this experience would be quite tragic.

Avaunt all ye merry, and join the magical medieval fayre!
We invite minstrels, strolling players, stilt walkers, fairies, fire dancers and all manner of buskers and barons, knights, dragons, unicorns, fair maidens and their steeds to experience the Stocks, Mead, Ale, Unicorn Rides, Archery and a variety of food & drink. The medieval market will trade all day! Stay with us into the night and as darkness descends, the music and jollity will continue!

  • Ye Olde Tavern Quiz (world famous throughout the West Rand)
  • Eoin's Tankard Mead & White Dog Taproom Ale
  • Chikara Unicorn Rides for kids of all ages
  • Fight-A-Knight with JuggerKnights and Medieval Fight Club South Africa
  • Forging displays
  • Archery & Mounted Archery from ShaTranj Mounted Archery & Stables
  • Ye Olde Fancydress Contest
  • Tomato Throwing, Caber Toss and Pillow Fighting with Vegetable Justice
  • The Knight's Quest challenge
  • Kubb Viking Chess
  • Hobby Horse Jousting
  • Baardman's Majestic Beard Competition
  • The Pie eating contest
  • The Dahogrian Empire Battles
  • Fantastic stalls
… and more!

  • Handfastings: R4500 - R6000 online only (only 5 available)
  • Royal Tickets: R850 online only (only 130 available - includes the Royal Banquet)
  • Noble Tickets: R350 online only (limited number available)
  • Commoner Tickets: R80 online, R100 at the gate on the day.
  • Parking: R10 per car
  • Squires and maidens under 12; and pets on leashes: FREE entry to venue

  • The Reigning Couple Handfasting: R6000 online only (only 5 available - includes overnight accommodation & Sunday breakfast)
  • Reigning Family: R5000.00 online only (only 1 available - includes overnight accommodation & Sunday breakfast)
  • Reigning Couple: R3500.00 online only (only 8 available - includes overnight accommodation & Sunday breakfast)
  • A Knight's Couples Retreat: R2800.00 online only (only 1 available - includes overnight accommodation & Sunday breakfast)
  • Royal Prince & Princess tickets: R750.00 only only (only 150 available - exclusively for kids under 12 only, includes a seat at the banquet)
  • Squires tickets: R250.00 online only (limited number available - exclusively for kids under 12 only)
email [email protected] for more info!

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The Medieval Fayre
La Vue Lodge
Nietgedacht 535-Jq, 1739, South Africa
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