FitU & Wellness Feast 2018

Sat May 19, 09:00 - Sat May 19, 16:00
The Square Booutique Hotel


Fitness & Wellness, defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort, is a mindset we believe has seeped into the lives of the everyday woman, and has emerged as a lifestyle here to stay.
Fitness & Wellness are the “new trend,” a status symbol among consumers, who prioritize maintaining their well-balanced physical and mental health. Globally, we are experiencing a phenomenon where health is creeping into all aspects of consumer life and experience. More consumers are gravitating towards products with embedded health benefits that are actually well designed, desirable, accessible, fun, tasty, interesting or storied.
The “FitU & Wellness Feast” aims to further grow this trend but more importantly educate and allow consumers to engage (in an intimate and free environment) with creators of brands they consume daily. We believe that in working towards achieving their fitness/ wellness goals, women need to take on the responsibility to educate themselves about the products/ brands they consume - this includes nutrition, vitamin/ sports supplements, apparel, equipment, wearable tech (and more).
The “FitU & Wellness Feast” is a platform that will allow women (all sporting codes) to gather the necessary knowledge and sample various products/ brands while engaging with experts in various fields of medicine, the retailers, manufactures and everyone else playing a role/ contributing meaningfully in the Fitness & Wellness industry.
As the creator of “FitU & Wellness Feast” and an active woman taking part in endurance sport, through interaction with active women in various platforms (including The Comrades Women’s Seminars), it has become apparent to me that some of the stress and lack of progress in fitness goals amongst women is caused by lack of education/ information.
The Feast is therefore staged in response to this and to address this issue, as it will give women access to information. Some of the key themes listed below will be presented by experts in different fields while affording players in the Fitness & Wellness industry an opportunity to exhibit and engage with their targeted audience to get a better and clearer understanding of their needs & challenges alike.
  • To Educate and increase health awareness by providing information delivered by experts in the medical and other relevant fields
  • Provide basic Health & Fitness screenings and expose guests to the latest products and brands available within the Fitness and Wellness industry to enable them to meet their fitness goals
  • Bridge the gap between Brands/ Products & Manufacturers AND Consumers
  • Help Women Find Their Fit
  • WOMEN: We believe women will adopt a more holistic view of healthy weight and body image as they realize the need for total nutrition and exercise regime change, rather than relying on “miracle cures” and hopefully pass this behavior/ habit to their family members.
 2018 Events

Durban                Saturday 5th May                   09:00-16:00hrs
Johannesburg     Saturday 30th June                09:00-16:00hrs
Cape Town         Saturday 22nd September      09:00-16:00hrs

Event Activities
  • Healthy Munchies
    We believe Fitness & Wellness is a way of life (lifestyle) that should be approached in a holistic way with Nutrition being top on the list – we felt fitting to demonstrate and serve women healthy snacks just to show how interesting and tasty clean eating can be.  n exhibition of the latest products, health foods, clothing and equipment that women need to find their fit and eat and exercise their way to a better life.
  • Expo/ The Fitness Mall
    An exhibition of the latest products, health foods, clothing and equipment that women need to find their fit, eat and exercise their way to a better life.
  • The Body Zone
    During the day a number of exercise sessions will take place providing ladies with experiences which they can use at home, such as Yoga, Stretching, Aerobic exercises and flexibility/fitness tests. We will also have health test, testing for Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol.
  • Speakers Corner
    Industry experts and respected women from the world of fitness to share their insights with the audience. These will be very interactive sessions where women can find answers to those probing questions.


FitU & Wellness Feast 2018
The Square Booutique Hotel
250 Umhlanga Rocks Dr, Umhlanga, 4051, South Africa
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