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Geology Walk 2024

Sun May 19, 08:30 - Sun May 19, 11:30

The Sheds, Crocodile River Reserve


Geology related references go back as far as the 4 th Century with the mention of fossilized seashells by the Greek philosopher Aristotle but became a more formalized discipline in 1785. It embraces four sciences: maths, physics, chemistry, and biology giving us a reasonable explanation of how the earth works. To best understand what is above, we must also understand what is below.

The Geology of the Earth has a profound impact on everything that sits on its crust. It has literally shaped the world we live in, and even though we are not always aware of it, continues to do so.

There is no one better qualified to help us broaden our knowledge on the fascinating and all-important subject of Geology than Professor Adam Bumby, of the University of Pretoria. With the main focus on what is found in and around the Crocodile River Reserve, atop iconic Koppie Alleen, with it’s breathtaking 360-degree views, we will learn all about the different rocks, their unimaginable ages and the fossilized remains of the first life form on our planet and so much more.

Join us on Sunday the 19th of May at 8h30am at The Sheds @ Birdsong, Gemstone Rd (off the R511), Crocodile River Reserve for a truly enjoyable morning which promises to feed mind, body and soul. We finish around 11h30am.

The cost is R95.00 per adult and R45 per child 12 years and under.

Please wear good walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen. This event is suitable for all ages but includes a comfortable 15 minute walk to Koppie Alleen, a short climb to the top of the hill and a 15 minute walk back to The Sheds.


Geology Walk 2024
The Sheds, Crocodile River Reserve
4XGG+F4 Centurion, South Africa
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