No under 18s

Unhorsed and Unscripted - A Fantasy Medieval Improvised Show

Sat Apr 20, 20:00 - Sat Apr 20, 22:00

The Outlore Base


Hark! Let it be known that The Improv Cart doth present unto thee a performance of improvised fantasy medieval theater!

Gather round all ye good townsfolk for the harvest was bountiful and the siege has broken. The pageant cart has been wheeled into the square and the mummers and bards stand ready to regale ye with tales of wonder and songs of joy!

The veteran performers, returned from distant lands, will take suggestions from the audience that evoke the characters, themes and moods of the time so that they may weave improvised tales of medieval life filled with mirth and mystery alike. Behold the hilarity and heart of their storytelling with a bounty of possibilities for: Noble Quests. Goblin Squabbles. Old World Magic. Enchanted Love. Jousts! Unexplained Bards? Too Many Horses.

So, sound the horn, raise the banners and join us for a night of improvised merriment! For amongst the mages, the maidens and the monarchs, it is but the jester whom speaks the truth, by thy troth!

Tickets: Standard Online: R120 ; At the Door: R150

Date: 20 April

Time: 20:00 (Doors open from 19:15)

Place: The Outlore Base (80 Hout Street)


*We would like to inform our valued guests that the venue is regrettably not wheelchair accessible. Access is only possible via two flights of stairs.


Unhorsed and Unscripted - A Fantasy Medieval Improvised Show
The Outlore Base
2nd floor, 80 Hout St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000
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