CTAFF2024 - Conservation Night SOLD OUT

Thu Apr 18, 20:30 - Thu Apr 18, 23:00

The Labia Theatre


Join us, alongside guests Sam Suter from Black Bean Productions, Sam Chevallier from ReWild and renowned filmmaker Nick Chevallier, as we explore the myriad of initiatives being undertaken to conserve some of our last truly wild places, and discuss the importance of story telling and film production in facilitating this process.


ReWild our Seas

In an effort to help return the oceans to the way they should be, Parley and Talisker Single Malt Whisky are joining forces for a three year partnership and launching ‘Rewild Our Seas’ – a global mission to help restore and protect underwater forests along coastlines. Together, we’ll support the preservation and protection of 100 million square meters of marine ecosystems around the world by 2023.

10mins | A film by Eyeforce

The Hunt For Medals, Not Lions

In the past, in Maasai culture, in order to become a Warrior young men had to kill a lion to prove their bravery. In response to the decrease in lion populations in the amboseli-tsavo ecosystem, 8 Maasai elders approached the Big Life team to find a way to eliminate lion hunting from the Maasai culture, while still honouring Maasai traditions, and so the Maasai Olympics was created. This incredible initiative is so much more than just a sporting event and has found a way to ensure the long term survival of lions in this area by working together with local communities. Watch our short film to learn more about this creative approach to conservation and how you can get involved.

8mins | A film by Black Bean Productions

Every Elephant Needs A Herd

In the heart of South Africa, HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development) stands as a sanctuary born out of compassion. Founded in 2019 by Adine Roode, HERD addresses the pressing issues of poaching and human-elephant conflict, providing a haven for orphaned elephant calves. Directed by Black Bean Productions, known for their dedication to conservation, intimately explores the sanctuary's mission. The film introduces Adine Roode and the compassionate team, showcasing HERD's vital role in giving orphaned elephants a fighting chance at survival. The film emphasises the social nature of elephants, portraying HERD as a surrogate family. Here, the orphans not only find protection but also the essential interaction with their kind, passing down wisdom crucial for their survival. "HERD" delivers a succinct yet impactful message: elephants, as keystone species, demand our protection. The film aims to instil hope and awareness, urging viewers to understand the challenges elephants face in the modern world.

6mins | A film by Black Bean Productions

Dressing The Princess

In the depths of Cape Flats, a Khoisan Princess violated by sailors seeks refuge in Elephant's Eye cave, her tears transforming into the sacred Princess Vlei. Now, a passionate battle unfolds as communities unite, defying greedy commercial forces to preserve the untamed beauty, cherished heritage, and boundless spirit of this hallowed land.

10mins | A film by ReWild


Not only do we need to protect the nature that remains, but we also must restore the wild spaces that have been lost. In the heart of the Congo, Upemba National Park is a forgotten landscape that was once rich in megafauna. However in recent years due to illegal mining and poaching, much of its biodiversity has plummeted. Elephants, zebras, and impala that once roamed in the tens of thousands have declined to just a few hundred. But the story doesn’t end here. Today, a small team of rangers, led by Major Fils, are fighting to restore what has been lost.

3 mins | A film by ReWild

Dr. Mark: Pangolin Hero

Dr. Mark Ofua, a veterinarian in Lagos, Nigeria, discovered his passion for pangolin conservation after visiting the local bush meat markets. After learning that pangolins have become the most widely traded mammal on the planet due to the demand for their scales, he decided to dedicate his time to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing pangolins back into the wild.

7mins | Directed by Garth Kingwill


CTAFF2024 - Conservation Night SOLD OUT
The Labia Theatre
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