Cape Town Adventure Film Festival


CLIMB. SURF. FLY.FIGHT FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT.CONSERVE. PROTECT.INSPIRE. EXPLORE.CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE.The outdoors will forever hold a unique allure to humans. For centuries, man has traversed our world in search of exciting adventures and mysterious natural places, constantly pushing the boundaries as to what is possible. But there is always an ever-present challenge lurking, a responsibility that often transcends human ability yet speaks to the very core of our adventurous spirit. Conquering the outdoors is one thing, respecting and protecting it is another. This festival is a celebration of exactly that. We’re a passionate team of creative people bringing you a collection of both locally and internationally produced films that will provoke a true sense of what it means to have a deep passion for wild and off beat places, and forge your belonging to this great community. 

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