No under 18s

CTL Social: Official Pride Women's Party

Sat Feb 24, 19:00 - Sun Feb 25, 00:00

Jack Black Taproom, Diep River


Join us for the official Cape Town Pride Women's Party at Jack Black Taproom in Diep River.

About the location: Jack Black Taproom is a true hidden gem, and I love that. On the way there you may think you’re in the wrong place - just a bunch of industrial factory buildings - but don’t fear, you’re not lost. Suddenly out of nowhere, an oasis emerges. It reminds me of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. You’re going to love this space! We’ll have a dance floor, and indoor and outdoor seating areas. 

In terms of drinks: Jack Black has an incredible beer selection. But they will also serve the usual stock of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

For those wanting to join alone: Usually, parties aren’t the best event for those who join alone without knowing anyone. Tonight’s event is different, because we are doing a dinner before the DJ starts - this is the perfect safe space to get to know others. If you’re joining us alone, find Lara and we will introduce you to others. Also, if you come by yourself try to get there by 7 so you can join the dinner and have enough time to connect with others. 

Dinner: Even if you do join with your partner or friends, the dinner is a key part of this event. It gives you a chance to connect with each other and get to know new people. I know us Capetonians don’t like to arrive early, but if you can, get there by 7. Here is their menu:


CTL Social: Official Pride Women's Party
Jack Black Taproom, Diep River
10 Brigid Rd, Diep River, Cape Town, 7945
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