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End of the Game, or Is it?: Justice for Wildlife in South Africa

Thu Nov 30, 18:00 - Thu Nov 30, 19:15

Inside Out Centre for the Arts




A fundraising talk featuring two champions of the conservation world

Join us at the Inside Out Centre for the Arts for an enlightening discussion on the intersection of law enforcement and wildlife protection in South Africa!

All funds from the talk go to the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet.

South Africa's wildlife heritage has long been under threat from cruelty and exploitation. The protection of small game species has been, at times, neglected in our justice system. 

Without proper prosecution of crimes, rampant illegal activities persist– even in these progressive times. 

As the acclaimed Directors of the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital, these two speakers have already achieved remarkable progress in ensuring that the risk of engaging in illegal activities and ill-treatment of animals far outweighs any potential rewards.

As part of the Inside Out Centre for the Art’s exhibition “End of the Game”, award-winning wildlife crime-fighter Wendy Willson and celebrated veterinarian, Dr. Karin Lourens will passionately recount their impactful stories, indelible experiences, and real-life accounts of protecting and rescuing animals on the frontlines. 

To create a safer world for our wildlife, we need empowered communities. Each of us has a vital role to play. 

Discover the passion and dedication that drive these heroes as they take you on a remarkable journey. Sometimes, the end of the game– combating wildlife crime and safeguarding the environment – involves critical moments or key decisions and these experts will guide us to achieving positive outcomes. 

Be Part of the Change: Supporting South Africa's Wildlife Heroes

By purchasing a ticket to this event, attendees are not only joining an insightful discussion but also contributing to a significant cause. 

All funds raised from ticket sales go directly to the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital.

This is a dedicated wildlife-only veterinary hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a unique mission. Their goal is to enhance the quality of treatment, increase the survival rates, and improve the success of rehabilitating small to medium-sized indigenous South African wildlife.

 Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital is focused solely on the care of wild animals, with the ultimate objective of rehabilitating and releasing them back into their natural habitats. They do not provide medical services for domestic animals or pets, and none of their patients have owners.

 Even more remarkable, all their treatments for wildlife are provided free of charge. Attendees' support is not only appreciated but truly makes a difference in the lives of these magnificent creatures. 

Don't miss this chance to be part of positive change and protect South Africa's incredible wildlife. 

About Wendy Willson

After finishing University Wendy’s passion for fighting animal crime has seen her in the ranks of the South African Police Force, in the field of conservation and as the founder and manager of the NSPCA Special Investigations Unit, which focused primarily on detection,

interception and prosecution of premeditated acts of animal cruelty and organised criminal activities such as Dog Fighting.

Wendy has had the opportunity to be involved in animal conservation and crime prevention in many different countries and has spoken on multiple national and international platforms on subjects such as prosecution of animal crime, the human/animal crime interface, violence against humans and animals, and animal welfare. Wendy was the 2018 recipient of the Woman in Law Enforcement Award of Heroism for her dedication and acts of bravery in the combating of violent animal crime.

Wendy joined the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital in 2022 as their operations and legal lead. She has many years’ experience in managing wildlife in a captive setting and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, with a special interest in the nutrition of African species. She also heads up JWVH’s recent undertaking to pursue legal recourse for all the underrepresented wild animal species who had been victims of crime. She has already achieved remarkable results in court to ensure that the risk of engaging in illegal activities and premeditated cruelty (with these species) outweighs the reward.

About Karin Lourens

Dr. Karin Lourens is the co-founder and head veterinarian of the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital. She qualified in 2002 and started her veterinary career in small animal practice. She developed an interest in wildlife veterinary medicine in 2010, especially wildlife rehabilitation of small and medium South African species.

In 2017, she opened a veterinary hospital and combined it with a wildlife rehabilitation center, making it the only one of its kind in South Africa. The goal of this facility is the treatment, rehabilitation, and release of wild animals back into the wild. One of the species the hospital specializes in is the Temminck’s pangolin. She has gained extensive experience in treating and rehabilitating this species and completed her master’s degree in February 2020 (cum laude) on the normal reference intervals for clinical chemistry and hematology in Temminck’s pangolin. This work has since been published in Frontiers of Veterinary Science.

Dr. K is a co-author of Chapter 29 - ‘Veterinary Health of Pangolins’ in the book ‘Pangolins- Science, Society, and Conservation’ published by the IUCN, and she is a member of the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group. Dr. K is currently the most experienced veterinarian worldwide in treating this species of pangolin. She is passionate about conservation and has worked with more than 300 indigenous species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. She is working towards opening a teaching facility for veterinary students and nurses interested in treating and rehabilitating small and medium South African wildlife.


End of the Game, or Is it?: Justice for Wildlife in South Africa
Inside Out Centre for the Arts
48 Jan Smuts Ave, Forest Town, Johannesburg, 2193
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