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The Inside Out Centre for the Arts was founded by internationally renowned artist-photographer Roger Ballen to act as an art exhibition space and educational centre in Johannesburg. It presents shows exploring issues related to the African continent from a distinctively aesthetic and psychological perspective, and its inaugural exhibition End of the Game highlights the ecological crises on the African continent. The Centre also facilitates a dynamic programme of educational talks, panel discussions, masterclasses and presentations that reflect on the current exhibition and on topics relevant to arts and culture.

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from 52 reviews
"What a fantastic experience, very thought provoking with Amanda and Roger being lovely hosts- Roger was kind enough to personally sign our program for us. The centre itself is a beautiful building and we really enjoyed our time there and would recommend it as an essential visit to lovers if the arts. Thank you Roger and Amanda."
- Warren Carne
"A thought-provoking experience. I throughly enjoyed it from start to end. An important narrative surrounding life, death and artistry. A special thank you to Amanda for being so kind and for chatting after the show. I will definitely be back for another event."
- Sarah
"An amazing venue and very well curated and guided. The subject matter is grotesque but apart from the initial shrinking back, it is thought provoking from a historical and artistic viewpoint "
- Anonymous
"The Gallery is beautiful, the art is really unique and I can only imagine how long it took to collect all of the pieces that were exhibited. Such a big fan of both Roger and Paul ???? "
- Ray
"First time there, and it was a great experience. The exhibition is intriguing and it's the perfect venue for anything animal related. The talk was informative and exactly what I expected. Thank you!"
- Wendy

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