Ice Cream Tasting - 2 December

Sat Dec 2, 10:00 - Sat Dec 2, 14:30

Galloway Garden - Black Horse Brewery


Christmas Ice Cream Tasting Event!!!

Experience the joy of flavor exploration at the much-awaited Ice Cream Tasting Event hosted by the Black Horse Brewery and Restaurant on December 2nd!

Brace yourself for a palate-pleasing adventure as we present a line-up of 18 extraordinary ice cream flavors. From classic tastes to innovative concoctions, we've got something to delight every ice cream aficionado.

As you relish our ice cream delights, you'll be treated to live music, adding to the magical atmosphere and enhancing your overall experience. But remember, this isn't just an ice cream event! Black Horse Brewery and Restaurant brings a full-fledged food festival for your enjoyment. Wander among the market stalls where local vendors will showcase an assortment of culinary delights and novel products. It's a fantastic chance to uncover new tastes, devour yummy treats, and shop for bespoke items.

We invite you to bring along your picnic blankets for a leisurely day out. Lay them out on our picturesque grounds, soak up the sun, and relish your ice cream amidst the lively ambiance and beautiful setting.

For those looking to amp up their indulgence, we have six unique alcoholic scoops on offer. These delightful blends of rich ice cream and spirit flavors promise to elevate your ice cream experience to an unprecedented level.

Don't miss this extraordinary ice cream event!

Save the date—December 2nd—for a day of sheer enjoyment at the Black Horse Brewery and Restaurant.

Whether you're a dessert lover, a music enthusiast, or just in search of a unique experience, this event is sure to meet all your expectations. So, gather your loved ones and immerse yourself in a day filled with frozen delights, live music, and culinary marvels. We can't wait to see you there! Remember to bring your printed ticket to receive your tasting combo.

2nd December 2023 10:00 AM – 14:30 PM NO REFUNDS.


Ice Cream Tasting - 2 December
Galloway Garden - Black Horse Brewery
79, Seekoeihoek, Magaliesburg, 1791
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