Supporting Biodiversity at Bethel.S.kop Swellendam


This fundraiser is curated towards acquiring equipment (tree poppers/machetes) for the gentle removal of invasive alien trees, ensuring the preservation and thriving of the area's biodiversity. Weekly pull/pop parties are open to anyone, and supported by the ever-growing community dedicated to restoring and protecting our native biodiversity. South African flora is among the most unique in the world; this vegetation should be treasured as if it were gold. Please join us in safeguarding it from those in our government and among developers who do not comprehend the vital need to protect our environment in this day and age. Through these ongoing efforts, we aspire to establish a nonprofit organization (NPO) to further safeguard this area and to inspire others to do the same. Our battle for the preservation of our natural heritage begins today!

Please feel free and reach out should you have any questions about the history of this area.

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