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Slow Life presents Yin Xiong Live in Concert at The Olympia Bakery

Thu Nov 30, 20:00 - Thu Nov 30, 21:30

Olympia Bakery Kalk Bay



Yin Xiong is an ambassador of gong sound music. Her art is truly contemporary and she inspires many people all over the world with her music and her passion.

With decades of experiences and trainings with master teachers, she has developed a unique style that is both vibrant and oscillatory. 

As a holistic sound artist, Yin Xiong uses her knowledge of frequencies to create powerful soundscapes that can heal the mind, body, and soul. Her music is based on the belief that sound is the original language of the universe, and that it has the power to connect humans with their higher selves. Yin Xiong's approach to gong sound music is based on the principle that all matter is energy in motion.

Besides being an accomplished sound artist whose work spans the global contemporary sound music scene, Yin Xiong is also the proud owner of one of the world's largest collections of gongs, which are embedded in a variety of state-of-the-art sound instruments. This unique corpus of vibrational sounds delivers a wide spectrum of truly unparalleled, natural, analog sound vibrations.

Her music performances have the ability to bring people into a state of deep relaxation and meditation as well as to help them connect with their own inner wisdom.

Yin Xiong and her Opera of Sounds provides encouraging and inspiring sound journeys with a friendly tonality and she is an active member within the world’s leading sound music facilitators movement.

Excerpt taken from Sublime with Lime, George

Asking someone to describe a sound journey is a little like describing the colour blue to a blind person. It’s a unique, indefinable experience that resounds through the mind, body, and soul – the effect of which differs from person to person. But for the sake of this article, I shall try to do it justice.

I’m at the spacious Fernridge home of internationally renowned Master of the Opera of Sound, yoga and tantric maestro and teacher, Yin Xiong (pronounced ‘Shong’). Her greeting is warm and embracing. Petite and fey with a youthfulness that defies her 63 years and deeply passionate about her craft, extraordinary talents and unique voice, she is simultaneously regal and humble.

Yin was born into a large family in China, and her parents, both senior scholars, encouraged all six of their children to appreciate sensory art forms. For Yin, it was sound that resonated. She sang from an early age, practising for hours to get her voice to chant in overtones, a harmonic singing technique that manipulates the resonances of the vocal tract to separate the notes beyond their fundamental frequencies. “One day,” she tells me, “It was as if a download happened. Afterwards, I could use my voice as a vibrational instrument. I have a unique voice.”

Tounderstandthewholeexperience,Yininvites me to accompany her on a sound journey. She leads me to a room adorned with an astounding number of gongs of every size – the largest 1.5 metres in diameter. The largest collection of these instruments in the Southern Hemisphere, theirreflection, magnitude, and beauty is impressive. Two are from China and are pounded from pure bronze. The others, which differ in thickness, size, and surface striation – unlathed or hand-scraped – were forged in Germany from sheets of nickel silver alloy. Their contrasting frequencies are intended to open up a broad sound colour palette.

Cocooned in the centre of the room is a therapy bed. “Leave all your ideas at the door, and just allow yourself to experience the journey,” says Yin as she makes me comfortable and warm.

After placing a strobe light tripod over my head, she begins to coax the gongs into singing. The frequencies are melodic and calming and, surprisingly, deeply familiar.

The sonority creates an intense vivid soundscape of dynamic colours that ripples with the frequencies of the gongs. I hear whales calling from the depths of the ocean – hauntingly beautiful and calming.

When Yin begins to chant her heart-opening acoustic ballad, the purity of her voice dives deeper


Slow Life presents Yin Xiong Live in Concert at The Olympia Bakery
Olympia Bakery Kalk Bay
134 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, 7975, South Africa
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