My name is Kelvin Galdialdo Fidel. I am a 21 years old medical student from the university of Eduvos.

I am writing this letter to seek help in any way possible regarding my education. I am placed in a disadvantage due to lack of finances to continue with my tertiary education. I have applied for bursaries and student loans in many ways possible but due to not being a citizen of the country by birth has placed me out of the categories of the recipients.

I am a very ambitious and self motivated young man who pushes to boundaries to succeed and overcome any obstacles that the world throws on my side. For every fall and lost battle is a little strength gained to be optimistic about the future. I am hard working and an over achiever who obtains great results in all my modules and everything that I do regarding my education. Situations like this has made me to have suicidal thoughts as the one thing I work hard on and treasure as a dream is about to be taken away from me, leaving my future of becoming a doctor on the edge.

I have a great communication skill and well articulated verbally and in writing. I am driven and tenacious and always give one hundred percent in all that I do. Seeking help like this has not made me weak or made me look at myself as invaluable but have given me sight to not make the same mistakes others have done by not asking when the door was there to knock.

should you donate or help me voice out the message will be you helping me reach one step closer to my dream and also contributing towards developing one more future medical doctor for this country.

May God bless you


Banking Details are as follows: GOES STRAIGHT TO MY SCHOOL PAYMENT

Bank name: First National Bank (FNB)

Account Name: Deborah M

Account Number: 62806951697

Reference: EDUV4845893

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Refund policy No refunds


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