No under 13s

The Waiting Game

Thu Aug 24, 19:00 - Sat Sep 2, 21:30

The Masque Theatre


Cape Town Theatre Company returns with a brand new production set in the heart of the Muizenberg theatre community. The show is a riveting combination of heartfelt moments, action packed dance sequences and beautiful music all weaved together while taking the audience on a breathtaking journey of self discovery, healing past traumas and simply finding the joy in everyday life. With a stellar cast of more than 17 performers and an original story set to music and dance, The Waiting Game asks those hard hitting questions we were all faced with after coming out of forced isolation and then having the want and need for human connection. 

The story follows Skye, a sweet and over thinking actress, with big emotions, an over-abundance of energy and so much heart and Micha a frazzled, endearing, loyal and aspiring writer, who is in a slump after her book keeps getting rejected from publishing houses. Yearning, waiting and wanting for connection and to find their way in the world, everything changes for good when the two of them meet and instantly become best friends, finding each other in the chaos of this new world. 

All is not, however sunshine and roses, as Leonard Sinclaire, father of Skye, runs a political campaign against Jacks Frost, the partner of Micha, to become a prominent senator in power. Skye and Micha are then thrown in the middle of this all and have to navigate the turmoil set forth by their families. As we follow these 2 best friends on their journey of self discovery, a turn of events sets them on a brand new path which will force them to question everything they hold dear. 

This earnest production is set to warm your heart, intrigue your mind and feed your soul as it explores the concept that we are all waiting for something. May it be for that job offer to come in, for a doctor’s appointment, for good news, for bad news or to win the race, find that life long connection, we are all waiting for something. The question is, how long are you willing to wait. 

The Waiting Game is the must-see theatre experience of 2023 and not is not to be missed.


* You are welcome to take your food and drink into the theatre, but please be sure to return your glass to the bar afterwards.

* Strict admittance policy - no entry after the show start time. Latecomers will be admitted entry at intermission.

* Children are not permitted to sit on laps.

* No flash photography or videography is allowed.

Thank you!


The Waiting Game
The Masque Theatre
37 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7950
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