Masque Theatre



The Masque Theatre is a gorgeous little theatre that you will find in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa.

A unique and historic space, the Masque is over 60 years old, and is home to many of the community theatre societies in Cape Town, and local Muizenberg Arts and Culture. The Masque supports Amateur Theatre, and plays an important role as a professional venue-for-hire: a favourite spot amongst our Southern Peninsula audiences.


from 718 reviews
"Fantastic show! Great songs! Lovely story!"
- Karla a.k.a. princess Aurora
"The show was spectacular! A well put together ensemble of ‘Bailaora’s’ supported by excellent singers and superb flamenco guitarists. An excellent show! It was an absolute treat!"
- ShireeP
"We loved the show. Thank you for a really great production. "
- Estee Hannah
"Wonderful evening of dance in its purest form with both young and "older" dancers doing an outstanding show with funny moments inbetween. Well done Claremont School of Ballet!"
- Verna
"Excellent portrayal of a troubled soul!"
- Ced

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