Biomimicry Walk

Sat Jul 8, 12:00 - Sat Jul 8, 14:00

Kloofendal Nature Reserve


The miracle of nature is that whenever there has been a challenge, there is an organism that has found a way to conquer it. Want to live a life of zero waste? Nature has done it! What to live in the desert with no water? Nature has done it? Want to live a more meaningful and prosperous life? Nature has done it!

There are just over 8.7 million described plants and animals on Earth which are essentially individual science experiments, perpetually testing out new ways of doing things in order to find a better way. Since we all live under the same laws of nature and under the same conditions, it makes sense that we learn from the inner workings of the natural world to overcome the challenges of modern life.

The Biomimicry Walk examines those aspects of the natural world that we are all familiar with, and uncovers the extraordinary in the ordinary. It includes a short workshop activity which will deepen your understanding of the world. 

The walk focuses upon 2 different areas of biomimicry.

  • Aspects of nature that offer solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of our time? 
  • What can we learn from nature to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.

If you have ever wondered why flowers always clean? How termites use passive cooling to air condition their mounds. How nature deals with waste, and how venomous animals are providing cures for some of the most pervasive lifestyle diseases of modern life? Then the Biomimicry Walk will be of great interest too you!

The Biomimicry walk is part of the One World Ecosystem which supported by award winning book, One World. 

This event is presented by Jonathan Leeming. He is a best selling author of 9 books including Scorpions of southern Africa, and One World. International speaker and award winning conservationist. Jonathan leads the morning Creepy Crawly Walks, Night Walks, Biomimicry Walks and presents a range of special interest events. Visit and

Meet at the Ecological Centre 15 minutes before the event. This event will go ahead regardless of the weather. For queries, please contact Jonathan Leeming on 082 338-4381 (phone, WhatsApp). For more information about Kloofendal Nature Reserve, please go to


Biomimicry Walk
Kloofendal Nature Reserve
Veronica St, Kloofendal, Roodepoort, 1709
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