Please help us to buy safe treated water for people in our community who are living with different disabilities. There is a cholera outbreak in the North of Pretoria here in South Africa which has already claimed 25 lives.

Since the cholera outbreak began, our community which primarily consists of 35+ beneficiaries with disabilities has been struggling to get clean water for daily use.

Uplifting the Community for Greater Purpose is assisting anyone from Section TT in Soshanguve Extension 3 who is living with disabilities and requires our support. We are a registered Non-Profit Company (Reg. No. 2021/992902/08) which operates from Section TT in Soshanguve, City of Tshwane. The elderly have also approached us to assist them with access to clean treated water. They too need help urgently.

Please assist us with funds to pay for bulk water to fill up a 5000litre tank which was donated by a local business person. We need to pay the treated water supplier every week until this matter is resolved by our municipal authorities. No amount is too small, all assistance is appreciated. Our current goal is R200 000 / US$10 000. Thank you so much. God bless you.

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