March 2023: Daily Fishing Permits, Picnic Passes, Picnic Lapa Reservations for Fish Eagle Dam and Conservation Entrance - Modderfontein Reserve

Wed Mar 1, 06:00 - Fri Mar 31, 18:00

Modderfontein Reserve


Modderfontein Reserve Activities

Please Note that our Gardening Maintenance and Building repair and Maintenance teams will be undertaking scheduled maintenance every Monday. This will include cutting the grass in the picnic and fishing area and can cause some noise disturbance for the duration. Please accept our advanced apology for any inconvenience caused. Please feel free to rather book on Tuesdays to Sundays to avoid the maintenance days.

Picnic Lapa Rental:

The Picnic Lapa is available for Rental from 06:00 to 18:00

·       An outdoor roofed Lapa with open sides situated in the Modderfontein Reserve at the picnic area.

·       3 x wooden tables with benches placed in the Lapa.

·       No kitchen or basins.

·       Electrical power.

·       Additional entrance fee into the Reserve is applicable per person entering the Reserve.

·       Lapa to be cleaned up after the function and left in the same condition as found.

·       No Alcohol is allowed in the Modderfontein Reserve and/or at the Lapa.


The cost is R600 for weekdays, weekends and public holidays.


Fishing Times: Monday – Sundays and Public Holidays: 06:00 – 18:00. The Reserve gate closes at 18:00.

Cost structure:

1 Fishing Spot = R200 plus booking fee. A maximum of 2 anglers is allowed per fishing spot and a maximum of 4 rods.

Non-Anglers - To pay a standard picnic fee of R35 per adult and R20 per child under 12. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Kiosk at Taroko Farm. No Tickets for sale at Stonebridge Gate as of 1 October 2022.

Fishing area: Designated area at Fish Eagle Dam. There are 16 designated spots that will be allocated. Groups of up to 2 anglers can be accommodated in a spot, with 2 rods per angler or a maximum of 4 rods per spot.

Anglers to ensure that they only make use of their allocated spot and casting across neighbouring spots is not allowed. This is to ensure that everyone has equal access to the facility. Anyone contravening this will not be allowed to make use of the fishing area in the future.

Conduct Rules:

  • Strictly catch and release.
  • Place litter, including fishing line, hooks, dead fish, or parts of dead fish, and unwanted bait in the bins provided. The discarded line should be cut into short lengths before disposal to avoid entangling wildlife at waste bins.
  • Respect the diversity and sensitivity of vegetation next to rivers and dams; these areas provide food and shelter and breeding and nursery areas for many fish species.
  • Keep a safe distance from aquatic wildlife, especially spawning fish, and avoid undue noise and disturbing roosting and nesting birds.
  • Respect the rights of others to equally enjoy the picnic area and shoreline.
  • An angler can use a maximum of two rods/lines, each equipped with a maximum of ONE BARBLESS hook.
  • No “pap” baiting.
  • Use a knotless landing net big enough for the species targeted.
  • Carry forceps to remove hooks from the fish’s mouth.
  • Carry a quality unhooking mat for handling large fish.

Handling of fish:

  • Use the unhooking mat on a flat surface and make sure it is wetted before use.
  • Minimise the time a fish is out of the water.
  • Only handle fish with wet hands.
  • When photographing fishes, have the camera ready for use, keep the fish as close to the ground as possible, either over the water or unhooking mat, and minimise the time taken to photograph it.
  • When releasing fishes, support them in open water until they are ready to swim off. Respect your catch - never drop or throw fish back into the water.
  • Rods must not be left unattended.
  • No holding nets.
  • No bait boat or canoes.
  • No life bait.
  • No swimming or entering the water.
  • Indemnity to be signed at the gate on entry.
  • No on-site consumption of alcohol is allowed.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Please contact the Reserve Gate on 0813511223 for any queries or assistance.


March 2023: Daily Fishing Permits, Picnic Passes, Picnic Lapa Reservations for Fish Eagle Dam and Conservation Entrance - Modderfontein Reserve
Modderfontein Reserve
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