African Premiere


Sat Aug 27, 16:00 - Sat Aug 27, 18:00

Labia Theatre


George Orwell may have predicted that in 1984 the world would be a colorless place where humans relentlessly bowed down to big brother, but 1984 Riding Into Hell reflects a brave new world, one of loud rock & roll and excess.

Before Metallica became a household name, thousands of Hard Rock / Metal bands in as many towns across America dreamed of Rock stardom, but not everyone can make it.  One of these bands was Forcer.  This documentary takes you through their rise and fall in the fight for fame and fortune, but what makes this even more enlightening is the inclusion of news- and history making events, from the Reagan election, Cold War, introduction of the Apple Macintosh and Paul McCartney being bust for marijuana possession, to Richard Branson launching Virgin Airlines, the Union Carbide chemical disaster in India, Atari video games and classic TV ads from the era.

Forcer's story is told by the band's manager with archive footage and new interviews with band members, crew, fans and diehard Rock / Metal fans, from the parties and head-butting personalities to the chase for that ever elusive record deal. 

This is both entertaining and informative for those finding themselves in bands or those who merely love that thing called Rock.




Labia Theatre
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