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SOUND ON SCREEN is an exciting film festival dedicated to MUSIC, with diverse feature films and short films from around the world, including everything from documentaries and biopics to musicals, concert films, narrative fiction with a music theme and much more (incl. Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical, Metal, Punk, Jazz, African, Folk, you name it)

The 2022 event will stream right here at Quicket across 25 February - 6 March.

It will be accessible throughout South Africa (with affordable single streaming tickets and hugely discounted full festival pass)

Hit the event image link above to access movie info, tickets (including a heavily discounted affordable full festival pass), trailers, competitions and more.

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The 2022 SOUND ON SCREEN Line-Up:

All titles available to stream across 25 February - 6 March 2022


This enlightening documentary follows a young Punk in Casablanca as he struggles to be himself in a society that looks down on his lifestyle. (France / Morocco)

THE WHISPER OF THE MARIMBAThe marimba is the bridge between Africa and Latin America. This documentary looks across three generations of players at how the sound of the wooden xylophone connects the present-day life on the Ecuadorian Pacific coast with its African roots. (Germany / Ecuador)

THE MAESTRO - A Symphony of Terror

This classical music-driven feature film is a loving tribute to the cult classics of the past, but also an exploration into deep philosophical issues about the nature of art, all against a horror backdrop of a failed composer losing his mind trying to bring his magnum opus to life. (Thailand)


An inspiring documentary following an unknown Metal band from a Navajo reservation who lands the opportunity to record in Denmark with renowned Metallica produced Flemming Rasmussen. (USA / Denmark)


A look at the beautiful musical relationship between traditional gayageum player Bora Ju, and harpist Kihwa Lee. (Korea)


An in-depth documentary delving into the relationship between Heavy Metal music and Horror movies across history - incl. interviews with prominent musicians and filmmakers from Metallica, Slipknot, Anthrax and Alice Cooper, to Rob Zombie, John Carpenter, Tom Savini and many more (with clips from a wide range of popular and more obscure horror movies) (USA)


Two musically moving chapters

- A TOKEN OF LOVE - a remote collaborative ‘virtual choir’ piece with 130 global performers (Italy)

- SONGWRITER (Parolier) - an intimate documentary look at a prolific songwriter (Belgium)


Two rock-based documentaries

- CALM BEFORE... THE RISING STORM - a fascinating look at a one-album band from the '60s whose popularity resurfaced with the high prices fetched for their rare original vinyl pressing (USA)

- THE REFLECTACLES ARE DEAD - a documentary feature of a band with a bright future, touring with Willy Nelson, but unexpectedly breaking up after the rigours of the road (USA)


A collection of short subjects delving into various African music aspects, genres and experiences

- SOTRA CYPHERS: 5 Year Anni-Verse-Ary Special - Hip-Hop mini-doc (South Africa)

- IJO: A Love Story - a dance oriented fictional short (Nigeria) 

- RISE UP! - racial justice mini-doc (Netherlands)

- SHINE - ambitious rapper spotlight (Sierra Leone)

- BREONA - BLM music video (USA)


- DEAR LILY, LOVE PATRICK - a very moving mini-doc on a San Francisco Disco pioneer (USA)

- MADBEN Grief Dance To Death - an amazingly visual music video (France)

- INGVAR LOCO NORDIN - a fascinating documentary feature about an eccentric experimental audio artist (Sweden)


A collection of short subjects touching on the mid- & post-pandemic crisis and its effect on musicians and the industry 

- GARY KEMP IN SOLO - renowned Spandau Ballet member’s solo album making-of documentary (UK)

- THE SILENT STAGE - a look at how the pandemic impacted musicians (Turkey)

- CALL ME BACK: The Uncommon Wisdom of Yvette Slosch - a fictional comedy on how a jazz musician can survive lockdown (USA)

- MUSIC AND MENTAL HEALTH - a music and psychology exploration (USA)


Various music-related short subjects incl. fiction, doccies, music videos

- MENSVRETERS - BOEFLEWE MADE ME DO IT - SA cannibal rappers’ horror short film (South Africa / UK)

- CUCKOO! (Koekoek!) - comedy short of a man living in a cuckoo clock (Netherlands)

- ODYN V KANOE - I Have No Home - cinematic fantasy music video (Ukraine)

- ONE HIT WONDER - A cab driver takes a former pop star on a one way Twilight Zone-like ride (USA)

- ISOBEL - Take Me Away - a moving dark-alt-folk music video (South Africa)

- ON AIR - fiction / drama short film set in a radio station (Netherlands)

- SOPHIA BROMBERG - Lately - The Voice finalist music video (USA)

- EAT THE RAINBOW - flamboyant explosive musical (USA)

- TERMINATRYX - Virus 3rd Wave - industrial-rock remix music video (South Africa)

- SPRING PAN Let's Go! - far-out animation trip (Japan)

- I MUSTACHE YOU - New York based quirky musical short (USA)

- VILE A SIN - Carnival Of Souls - heavy metal music video (USA)

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