This is the story of our dearest Abigail. She is currently only 6 years old and she needs our help. 

Abigail showed signs of a disability from the age of 3 months, that is when we became concerned about her health. We then decided on the necessary steps we have to take to ensure a long healthy life for our little Abigail and started on doing the test as the Doctors recommended. After 3 MRI Scans and many more tests she was diagnosed with Dyskinetic Cerebral.

We have had good days and we have had bad days. Her condition started to become more worrisome and her health started to decline. We saw more medical care and more tests were conducted. We sent her blood test to America and that is where she was diagnosed with Dystonia GNA-0 “Encephalopathy is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by distinct movement presentations and early onset epileptic encephalopathy”. She is currently in the ICU in Rooi Kruis Hospital under sedations and a ventilator.

Due to complications of the ventilator that pulled out, her right lung has collapsed and her vitals were constantly up and down. Baclofen (almost like a lumbar puncture) was prescribed and given to start treating set symptoms of the complications of the ventilator. The Doctor that is currently treating Abigail has already sent all reports and motivations to all the medical departments, because her condition is drastically declining.

The DBS (deep brain stimulation) operation is on a high priority list for her Neurosurgeon and has to be done effective immediately to give her the only hope for a fighting chance for this condition and to SAVE HER LIFE. As we are on a thin deadline, we are doing our utmost to ensure her recovery and for her survival. Abi is one of the four registered cases worldwide.

Her neurosurgeon wants to conduct studies after her treatment to have more medical research available for her condition to help more people struggling with similar conditions like Abi in an attempt to improve and save more lives.

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