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Dear Friends, 

In response to the devastating after effects of Covid -19, that has resulted in insurmountable economic stresses for parents and family livelihoods, St Joseph's is conducting home visits in order to reach and support children with disabilities within their home setting, as post-Covid constraints have resulted in them dropping out of school, stuck at home, and with diminished possibilities for support. 

We are looking for support in reaching 50 most vulnerable and at high risk children, at an individual cost of ZAR1,850.00 per child per visit. This cost includes transport, food and hygiene parcels for the child, and the cost of on-site occupational, speech and physio therapist. The team will also travel with a registered nurse to conduct overall health assessments, for the child and their entire family, refill medical scripts for chronic medications such as anti retro viral treatment, diabetes, epilepsy, blood pressure, and other health needs. 

Each visit is also designed to advocate and increase awareness on the inclusion of the child within their family and community at large. This way we work towards ensuring that each child visited not only has a fully balanced meal every month for themselves and their family, but we also ensure that each child can enjoy an increased quality of life, and decreased incidences of neglect, abuse and isolation. 

To ensure this, you’re invited to donate by sponsoring one or more home visits. You are also encouraged to consider sponsoring an individual child at a cost of ZAR22,200.00 per year (payable through monthly payments or once annually), and securing that child all 12 visits for a full year. As opposed to a once-off reach, which is still very much appreciated, this full year sponsorship option guarantees the child and their family a sustained and more highly impactful support. In this case, the donor will be assigned an individual child, based on those with the most severe needs, and at the highest risk of neglect and malnourishment. 

We appreciate any contributions that can be made towards this project, and your continued support is always appreciated, especially in these critically challenging times for parents and the children we care for. 

Please take a look at our YouTube video and our Facebook page to see what we do!

Yours sincerely,

Nozizwe Ginindza

Programs and Sponsorship Officer,

St Joseph's School (Mzimpofu, Eswatini)

September 2022

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