Forest Bathing Experience with Awaken to Nature

Sat Jun 4, 09:00 - Sat Jun 4, 12:30
Cape Town Forest


The thought of forest bathing may stir up some interesting images but I can assure you, it's all totally innocent and rather serene.

The term originated in Japan where it is known as shinrin-yoku, “shinrin” means forest and “yoku” means bath. Simply put, forest bathing is all about immersing oneself in the forest by taking in the atmosphere through the senses.

Now that we have cleared that up, how are you doing?

Are you going to prioritize your well-being this Autumn? 


If you answered YES, then join us in the forest as we connect to nature and the season of Autumn.

The experience follows a carefully curated sequence of meditations and natural mindfulness exercises known as 'invitations'.

Our aim is to help you turn overwhelm into CLARITY, stress into CALM, and to facilitate a new sense of CONNECTION.

  • You will discover and explore a quieter part of the forest.
  • A spring fed stream will soothe you into mindful reflection and contemplation.
  • The 'invitations' will encourage a deeper connection with nature as well as your true nature.
  • After the 'invitations' we will enjoy a tea ceremony and take some time to reflect on the experience.
  • The session should last between 3-4hrs and is suitable for most levels of fitness.


No previous meditation experience required.


  • Guided meditations and ‘invitations’ by a Forest Bathing & Natural Mindfulness Guide and Ecotherapy Coach.
  • We conclude the morning with a tea ceremony beneath the forest canopy.
  • Health Bar Snack
  • Follow up email with tips and information on how to continue your own nature connection experience.

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Over the past four decades there has been extensive research confirming the positive health benefits forest bathing has, on both our physical and mental well-being.

These Include:

  • Boosted Immune System
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Improved Mood
  • Reduced Anxiety and Depression
  • Reduced Stress and Stress Hormone

Previous participants had this to say;

A beautifully put together session that eases you gently and fully into the forest bathing experience. Perfectly placed guided meditations together with the naturally peaceful atmosphere of the forest left me feeling relaxed, refreshed, and revived. Thank you, Michael and Jo, for a wonderful few hours, the effects of which I am still feeling days after the event.



What an incredible experience! If you are looking for some time away from the noise, a space where you can connect with self and with nature then forest bathing with Awaken to Nature offers just that. A truly magical way to start the day!



At first, I was apprehensive about a walk in the forest needing a guide, but this forest bathing session really surprised me. It was so lovely being properly guided on how to use our senses to get back in touch with our natural surroundings. It seemed that everyone in the group got something different out of this little journey we took together. I left the forest feeling calmer and clearer on some aspects I've been having trouble with. I would highly recommend to anyone to join Mike and Jo on a forest bathing session. Mike's soothing voice alone will get you into a meditative state in no time. Go with an open mind and surrender to your surroundings. I am confident that anyone who goes on this expedition will benefit greatly from it. Highly recommended!


We have more than thirty 5 star reviews on Google.

We will gladly offer a refund should you not be 100% satisfied with the experience. 


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We look forward to sharing some 'Forest Time' with you soon.

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Age restriction No under 16s
Refund policy Refunds allowed (view policy)


Forest Bathing Experience with Awaken to Nature
Cape Town Forest
Newlands, Cape Town, 7824
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