Snare Walk (July 2022)

Sat Jul 9, 08:30 - Sat Jul 9, 11:30
The Sheds, Crocodile River Reserve


The Crocodile River Reserve is only 20 minutes from Fourways, and falls in the buffer zone of the UNESCO Magaliesberg Biosphere. It has been demarcated as a “green” zone and is categorised it as a critical biodiversity area (important and irreplaceable).

Snaring has long been a problem in the Crocodile River Reserve and the surrounding areas. A sharp increase in this environmental crime has been experienced recently as people attempt to supplement their income through the bush meat trade in these financially trying times.

Although we can all sympathize with the struggle to make ends meet, besides being illegal, this is a particularly inhumane practice. An animal snared will die a slow and painful death, and even if rescued could loose a limb, severely hampering it's ability to survive in the wild.

How can you help?

By volunteering for our snare walks.

What does it cost:

No charge, we request that you make a donation that will go into a fund for veterinary services to assist with injured free roaming game in the reserve.

What does it entail?

On each walk, we cover a different area of the reserve

Our task for the morning is to scour the area for wire snare and traps

When found, we dismantle and remove each snare before they injure more wildlife

The regular removal of snares will stop the cruelty before it can even begin!

What should you bring?

Sunblock, hat, water, sturdy shoes, preferably wear long pants (as the grass makes you quite itchy).

Your cellphone, wire cutters or pliers, cash, picnic blankets and tick repellent if possible.

Additional information

Refund policy No refunds


Snare Walk (July 2022)
The Sheds, Crocodile River Reserve
4XGG+F4 Centurion, South Africa
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