No under 13s

BandaBanda Agency and YelloeWax Presents ABANTU

Sun Mar 20, 14:00 - Sun Mar 20, 22:00

250 On Cedar


BandaBanda Agency & Yelloewax presents 


In honour of our heroes and heroines of the Sharpville Massacre and to commemorate our human rights, BandaBanda Agency and Yelloewax collaborate to present, a homely gathering called, “Abantu” (People). 

A live offering named after the song “Abantu” from her award winning sophomore album, “Inganekwane”.

Soulful Singer, Songwriter, Performer Zoë Modiga 

returns with world class musicians for a highly anticipated live performance, the first of 2022. 

The show promises to feature other revolutionaries who remind us that we sing our stories of past, present and future. 

“Our heroes and heroines are known by name and some are faceless world shakers, change makers and leaders who have been compelled by circumstances not of their cause and challenged gross human rights violations for us all, even when the stakes were high, even at the cost of themselves. Remembering them is such an important part of our story and a way to keep their cause alive. Remembering them is remembering ourselves and that for every plight in history and in these present times we are called to be the same”, she says.


BandaBanda Agency and YelloeWax Presents ABANTU
250 On Cedar
250 Cedar Rd, Chartwell, 2055
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