Harvest Life School


The Call to Build an Ark

Two years ago we received an unexpected call from Abba, to build a Kingdom School, His way.

We will share more of the vision soon, but its our aim to establish the Harvest Life School, a skills-based school where the children do not just sit behind the books (for the most part) but where they actively participate and become skilled in different areas of life. Principles like farming, carpentry, building, cooking, pottery, and many more life skills will form part of this School "curriculum" which makes Harvest Life School unique. The school will be physically built but it will also be established as an online school for the rest of the world to be able to participate and learn together with us.

We will focus on all fundamental areas of children’s development. They will learn to read, write, do maths (intellect), etc, they will be developed spiritually, mentally and emotionally through Biblical values, principles and Kingdom keys. On top of that, life skills will be developed that are essential for living a sustainable life in this day and age (end-time awareness). We want to see God’s Kingdom manifest in the lives of families, in the lives of children. We want to take the exodus journey from knowledge to life in God’s Promised Land because children are growing up under the tree of knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life. We want to do things differently at Harvest Life, we want to do things His way.

If you sow into this project, you Sow into Abba's vision and His project!