Expressive Movement: Throat chakra conscious dance journey

Sat Jan 29, 16:00 - Sat Jan 29, 20:00
Hennops river valley


The Throat chakra is the fifth chakra, also known as the ‘Vishuddha’, which means pure” or “purification”. It is commonly represented by blue and is located at the throat, it is the passage of the energy between body and the head. The function of the Throat chakra is driven by the principle of expression and communication. This chakra is related to the elements of air and sound. Through the throat, air is tuned into sound and its vibration can be heard and felt by our whole body.    

The Throat chakra is connected to the mouth, jaws, tongue, pharynx and palate and linked to shoulders and neck. The gland associated with the fifth chakra is the thyroid, which regulates the processing of energy in the body through temperature, growth and metabolism. So any difficulty here, may be pointing to an issue with the throat chakra.

It is associated with the psychospiritual characteristics of; expression, in particular, the ability to express YOUR truth, to speak out, verbal or non-verbal communication, connection and communication with the etheric realm, realms of spirit and intuitive abilities, propensity to create, creativity, projecting ideas and blueprints into reality, realizing your vocation, purpose and a good sense of timing.

Opening the throat chakra can greatly help align your vision with reality and release pressure that may affect the heart chakra. It is associated with the etheric body and is an important reference point to align the energy through the whole chakra system.

A blocked or closed throat chakra can contribute to feelings of insecurity, timidity, and introversion and may might manifest as excessive secretiveness or shyness and lack of connection with a vocation or purpose in life. An OVER active throat chakra may also lead to gossiping, nonstop talking, and being verbally aggressive.

When the throat chakra has an imbalance, it can manifest as: lack of control over one’s speech; speaking inappropriately; not being able to listen to others, excessive fear of speaking, small, imperceptible voice, not being able to keep secrets, to keep your word, telling lies.

Let us connect intentionally with our throat chakras through dance, movement, music and sound using the voice and the body, so that we may feel more aligned with our unique creative expression and perhaps more connection with our divine purpose. 

Join us for an Expressive movement conscious dance on the 29th January as we dance in community at Namaskar Wellness hub, Fourways, 4 to 8 pm. Please contact Tonia for more info or RSVP on 0845056624 to join us. Nourishing vegan food and delicious ceremonial grade cacao will be on sale at the venue.

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Expressive Movement: Throat chakra conscious dance journey
Hennops river valley
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