Greetings. My name is Tonia aka Sachamamahealing. I am a Creative Arts Therapist, an Expressive movement facilitator, addiction recovery guide, embodiment practitioner, sacred space creatrix and facilitator and Medicine Woman. About the dance practice; ‘Expressive Movement is a dynamic conscious dance with the focus on dance as your meditation tool to enable greater authentic presence and freedom. This embodied mindfulness movement practice enhances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; increasing your vitality and supporting a healthy relationship to yourself, others and all of life’ ( Sian Palmer – founder). This is a potentially transcendental and transformative awake and active movement meditation and dance practice focused on conscious embodiment and authentic expression of what is emerging in the present moment. 

It is gently guided by the facilitators voice against a backdrop of a carefully selected set of music consisting of a wide variety of genres, tempos and vibrations. I live mix/ dj a set of music that spirals from 60 bmp to 140 bmp and back down to 60 bmp in the space of a 2 hour session that guides the dancers on an embodied movement journey through what is known as the Expressive Movement wave. The wave consist of 5 phases; presencing (Earth), expressing (Fire), releasing ( Water) and integrating (Ether); we dance through the energy of the 5 elements in addition to what is akin to a sacred dance ceremony.

It is about finding freedom and unbridled joy in the natural intuitive movement of the body, resourcing the dancer with what they may need to access, awaken, activate, acknowledge, release or transmute, allowing for greater freedom and energetic realignment. Dance is an ancient healing art and sacred practice of devotion and facilitates wellness on many levels, mind body and spirit. No prior dance experience necessary. Come as you are divine being. 

My vision is to bring a sober and conscious ecstatic dance experience to a wider audience. My vision is to share the healing and transformative power of dance and movement in community. My vision is to be a part of a paradigm shifting conscious community that celebrates life, art, music, sound, play, energy, vibrations, movement, dance, radical self expression and active participation, and real, raw, authentic human connection as medicine and as sacred ancient healing and consciousness expanding technology, that we need NOW more than ever.