Helping my disabled uncle to follow his dreams


Please help me raise funds for my uncle Herman that lost his leg a few years ago to start a small business in order for him to have a comfortable life as he have a passion working on motorcycles and building cabinets ,he is a person that life his life in honour and no matter his situation he never back down ..he have a big dream to own his own little business and because he has been unemployed for the last 3 years of his life ..

Surviving every month by the disability grant the government of South Africa is giving him he really need a donor or sponcer thats why I decided to help by share his life story with you out there ..any donations will be kindly be apriciated and it's going to be used to buy a second-hand bakie and tools just for him to start a small business ..please help me raising the funds ...may God Bless all ..kind regards Shaune

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