Izah's Waterpolo Tour


Our eldest son, Izah, has been selected to represent the u13 KZN Waterpolo team. Their tour to Cape Town is happening in Wynberg, from 15 December to 19 December.

Izah has been working very hard on his Waterpolo. This achievement could really be a massive stepping stone towards his future schooling and sporting prospects, and we are hugely proud of him as a family. The tour will cap of what has been a great year for him as a scholar and a well-loved member of the DPHS community both by staff and peers.

Izah is still an u12, and is a bit younger than the other boys on tour, yet he still made the team. This is testament to how much talent he really has and how hard he has worked to get to where he is.

This year he has also achieved the following: 

- Senior Athlete of the Year

- Sharks Next Gen u12 Training Camp

- DPHS 1st Team Rugby

- Best Senior Bodyboarder and Best overall Bodyboarder

- Selected to represent KZN Nippers at the SA Champs which was not held this year due to Covid-19 restrictions

- KZN biathlon competitor

The entire tour cost has fallen on the parents of each individual child, and financially it has been quite a tricky time for us as a family. We would be grateful to find some sponsors to assist with the tour costs for Izah.

The team would also benefit from a contribution of refreshments for the boys - energy drinks and water. 

So far we have paid just over R6000.00 and need to raise a further R10,000.00 for the tour.

Any contributions to help make this tour a successful and enjoyable experience for our boy would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you so much to every one of you for reading and sharing this.

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