Trash Cabaret - Carnival of Dreams

Sat May 14, 16:00 - Sat May 14, 23:45

Hillcrest Quarry


CARNIVAL OF DREAMS – SATURDAY 14 MAY.                                                                              HILLCREST QUARRY DURBANVILLE.  
Presented by Trash Cabaret.
“A collaboration begun, born from the heart of a playful nun,
We created a show, and little did we know, what that show may become!”

Nomadic Orchestra, Ann Jangle, Crimson House, Trash Cabaret Band, Mzanzi Marching band, Acrobats, Tumblers , Aerial acrobats , Fire performances , Juggling , Burlesque, Art exhibitions, Afrikaburn donated art, Jumping castles, Theatrical performances.

We invite you to join the magic of Trash Cabaret!
Where you’ll be blown away by the amazing stage,
created to entertain you, your heart, your mind,
your body and your soul!
It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old,
or you may have had plans for Saturday 14th of May,
even better!
Ask those friends if they may also want to play on Saturday,
the 14th of May at the Trash Cabaret!!!

What is Trash Cabaret you may say?

Well, let`s take a moment to explain:

Trash Cabaret begun when a French Canadian nun, spun out of her robe while guiding an egg from her head to her toe, once she held it there she kicked the egg into the air, caught in her mouth, and swallowed it down whole!

This was her act, and in fact, what an act it was!
Everywhere she did the act, it was met with great applause!

She had many talented friends, who also loved to play.
She invited them all to attend, with shows of their own to portray!

So now ladies and gents, Trash Cabaret presents Carnival of Dreams:
There will be music, there will be dance, and fire-fueled romance.
We will laugh, we will cry, with magic in high supply.
We will rejoice in the sound of marching bands thumping,
And delight in the roar of the crowd jumping,
We will spin out of control and we will do it together,
And make memories that we will cherish forever.
What about the playground?
We can’t wait to tell you what we’ve found!

There’s this magical Quarry, in the Durbanville hills.
With breathtaking beauty that fills you with thrills!
With a huge patch of grass and a mountainside a view,
And a miniature lake, so wild and deep and blue.


The theme you may ask?

Well you could just bring a mask, if not, anything you desire. Come dressed as a clown or bicycle tyre.  It’s the Carnival of Dreams. Which literally mean, come as anything you want.
If what you dream is a pony or a poodle,
We’ve seen people come on a pool noodle..

At the end of the day, just come and play!
Video of 2013 – warming up the vibe!
Key performance groups: Psychadelic Theatre, Sky Dance Studio, Action Arte and Black Orchid Burlesque.
Doors open 4pm
Activities start 6pm
8pm main show starts.
General enquiries: [email protected]
Tickets are on Quicket, it's cheaper if you buy sooner. Early bird tickets are R100. But they run out end of March. In April they are R120. Which isn't plenty. On the day of the dreaming, they will be slightly more. They will be R150 at the door.
So don't delay. Get your tickets now on Quicket for Carnival of Dreams by Trash Cabaret.
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Liny Kruger at LK Mediabook: 082 464 1926 / [email protected]


Trash Cabaret - Carnival of Dreams
Hillcrest Quarry
Tygerberg Valley Road, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7551, South Africa
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