Ditch Mediocrity with Heléne Smuts

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Ditch Mediocrity: Learn to take your team performance from average to incredible


Say goodbye to dull and drab and hello to motivation and high performance with Ditch Mediocrity, a book written by Heléne Smuts, founder of people development consultancy, Credo Growth.


Heléne Smuts is the founder of Credo Growth, a people development consultancy that aims to bring out the best in leaders to help shape kick-ass teams. In her first book, she shares her experiences, insights and knowledge, to help you become a successful leader with a top calibre team.


Ditch Mediocrity helps people in leadership positions become the leader everyone wants to follow. The book is packed with pages of high energy and practical tools and tips to get teams off the starting block and into the lane of high performance. It gives leaders the confidence to motivate their teams to push beyond mediocrity and reach high performance through action.


Ditch Mediocrity imparts insights into various leadership and team development tools aimed at leaders who are striving to develop high performing teams. Read examples of common problems leaders face, as well as anecdotes of clients Credo Growth has worked with. Then learn how to develop and implement a list of action steps to improve various aspects of your team’s performance. The idea is that as a leader, you take the learnings, implement them and become a leader that team members are happy to follow.




  1. Setting the stage
  2. The importance of social styles
  3. Understanding ego states
  4. Navigating tough conversations
  5. Your attitude as a leader
  6. Lead like a coach
  7. How to motivate your team
  8. Creating a safe work environment
  9. Building trust
  10. Effective listening skills
  11. Fostering a proactive team
  12. How to give amazing feedback


Feedback about Ditch Mediocrity:


Monique Wilds, People Success Manager at Iridium Business Solution:


"It is very insightful, easy to read, very practical and easy to implement in your day to day. Since reading the book, I'm more aware of how I communicate and why people react to certain things the way in which they do. We have even implemented a few things amongst the team, and it seems to be working. I have started a book club at the company to read the book and they are super excited for the practical tools to enable them to lead efficiently and because it's 90 pages they feel like it's doable! Awesome book!!"


Richard Mulholland, Founder at Missing Link:


Heléne's book achieves something no other book on team dynamics that I've read has managed to do. It cuts the bullsh*t. This is a no nonsense highly practical guide to what it takes to create a high performing team.


Richard Walton, Co-founder at Prime Pixels:


What a wonderful read, thought provoking and a real must for any leader that wants to improve their team's performance or more importantly their own leadership.


Grant Greef, Founder of Alto Growth and Head of Strategic Partnerships at SearchKings Africa:


It's always a privilege to be able to support South Africans making a real difference. And if you don't have the time to read this, think about buying one for your head of HR or the like as a gift.


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More information about the book: https://credogrowth.co.za/ditch-mediocrity-book/




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