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The Business Book Club was founded with the purpose to share knowledge. Knowledge is the start of change, an inevitable process of business and life.

Books are our favourite way and what is better than to have a conversation with the author. Sharing knowledge through questions and answers helps us understand how each of us can affect change in a positive way. The Business Book Club meets monthly where we invite an author to showcase their book and share their knowledge. Through conversations with the author, we grow our leadership capability by understanding how we can change our business environments.

We do not charge an entry fee to our events but ask that a pre-loved business or educational book is donated. These books are collected and then donated to a needy library or community in less privileged areas. We currently donate books to The Signature Library, Soweto, and are continuously looking at alternative libraries/ communities who would benefit from The Business Book Club members’ donations.


from 44 reviews
"A brief video of the speaker attached to the invitation allows one to get an understanding of how interesting/not interesting a speaker is. Setlogane was inspirational and I believe the attendance can be improved with this idea."
- Anonymous
"Very entertaining and should take longer as there was so much more to discuss"
- Arjan
"The talk and discussion was excellent and learnt a lot"
- sam
"Very well organised and a lot of valuable information shared."
- John-Peter
"Frans Cronjé depicts a very informative and a thorough analysis of SA state of economics 26 years into democracy . It reflects a failed state with corruption throes and poor governance .What does SA landscape holds for the future 20 years from now ? "
- Rheena

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