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Hi everyone. My name is Anita Nhlabathi, founder and program facilitator at Edu-Legends Academics. I am 27 years of age and a single mother to a 11 year old girl who helped me realize a vital need we all live with within society yet we are blind to.

Like every child, Ayanda ( my daughter) enjoys spending time with friends more than she would spend much needed time on her books so as a way of getting her to enjoy the best of both I decided to start Edu-Legends Academics, an educational home open to her peers where learning is enjoyed in a kid- friendly fashion. I opened my home to about 10 kids by then who jumped at the opportunity to finally get someone to trust on helping them with their school work. Iit was motivating to realize how hard working they all are, as they also managed to invite another bunch to join us. I have been doing this for a year and 2 months now without receipt of any payments from parents. My dream is to expand my services as a private tutor now and include computer literacy lessons, I am lacking resources for this. A few digital computers, internet connection for e-learning sessions, a printer for their projects and other necessary print outs and a container structure big enough to accommodate these sweet smart little angels passionate about education. I'm looking to create a platform for the youth in my area for employment opportunity, where tutors are formed and given a chance to pass on knowledge at a fee beneficial to them on the basis of agreed relations between Edu-Legends Academics service offers and the person interested in enrolling with us. With this program, I wish to also help the youth in our community on acquiring basic computer knowledge, word processing, writing an email, creating files, typing a proper cv, web surfing etc. I urge for a kind hearted donation of R80 000 towards this initiative, so we can all work together in making this community wish become a reality.

It is in our hands, lest we wish to prove this through this educational power plug.

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