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Hello everyone.

My name is Etienne Swanepoel, I am 42 years old I'm disabled lost my arm 3 and a half years ago to two pitbull dogs. The other one I can hardly use as it is damaged. Therefore i will never be able to work again. My wife doesn't work as she has to look after me 24/7. Today I am asking for any donations. We need to pay our rent or else we will be on the street very soon. We have a car but it's broken can't fix it no money, can not get to the doctors etc maybe someone can help us with that....

We need Food, a washing machine, fridge, stove, bed, clothes, blankets etc.... We will appreciate anything and any help please.

I do believe that there are still good and understanding people out there. I am putting my hand out and reaching out for help please.....any donations will be very much appreciated.

God blesses those who have a open hand.

Thank you

God bless everyone

Cheryl and Etienne Swanepoel

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