Family friendly

Queer life in Community

Mon Sep 20, 11:00 - Fri Oct 1, 00:00

Event is online


Reclaiming our narratives and centering the stories from our communities told by Queer Feminist story tellers for Queer persons, films created by Citizen Journalists as part of the Queer Feminist Film Festival (QFFF) Mentorship Program.

As a festival we understand that Queer stories are not told in mainstream media outside of being caricatures or being victims of violence and oppression. The lived realities of many Queer persons are marginalized and more particularly black and coloured Queer persons from the Cape Flats.

Queer Feminist Film Festival Citizen Journalists - is a 2020 pilot project that will continue in 2021, mentees are trained, mentored and guided by seasoned professionals in the industry. This is a compilation showcasing their work as Community Citizen Journalists in 2020 and the people they encountered and the stories they chose to tell.