FOOD DRIVE KZN: Helping hands on the Ground in KZN






The current situation in KZN is very difficult.  

My name is Tania Collins. I have a company called Sensory Haven. I am passionate about Durban and the people living here. My passion has lead me to undertake many outreaches in order to help the Durban community wherever I can. In regards to the looting crisis I am now looking for anyone to please assist.

I have been in contact with Checkers and I am in a strong position to obtain food supplies.

As the situation in Durban is really difficult there is a great concern that if we are unable to provide basic food supplies to people within our Durban community we could be facing further looting and criminal activity aimed more than likely into our private homes.

Certain communities are still coming under attack from criminals with live rounds. These communities in line with Police are doing everything they can to defend themselves against this constant and relentless threat. 

We are asking people to please donate funds or anything you can so that we can provide these basic food supplies for our communities in KZN.  

We thank you in advance for any assistance.  

It is time to unite South Africa!

If you would like to send food items via Joburg, you can contact Nadine at The Health Food Emporium and she is in contact with people organizing private planes to get food and essentials to Durban.

[email protected] All goods can be delivered to the Emporium at the Deco Park on Witkoppen.


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